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Ibanez logo1990 Ibanez AS-200
Influenced and loved by John Scofield
Put up here is the legendary semi hollow of Ibanez Artist series, AS-200. Since its debut in 1980, AS-200 has been John Scofiled's main guitar for 20 years. Sturdy build with the highest standards and the best of materials, coupled with the well balanced high/low tones attracted him so hard that years later Ibanez came up with the advanced version, JSM-100 and JSM-200 based on the same prototype of AS-200 except a Prestige neck, a side output jack and super 58 pickups.

This guitar plays and sounds versatile. Tonality can be played across multiple level by the unique feature of Tri-sound switch (serial / parallel / reverse coil), in combination to the 3 way bridge/neck pickup selector. If you want to play as close as John's sound, you may consider his favorite way of stringing, D'Addario strings custom set: .013, .016, .022, .032, .042, .052.

Serial# H008882 indicates it was manufactured by Terada Gakki(Gakki meaning musical instruments), a Nagoya-based prominent manufacturer with track records of successful business for 100 years.

This guitar stayed in excellent condition, owned and played by one owner for over a quarter century. No dents / dings found, and thin scratches / wear are ignorable as the photos self explain. Original Hardshell case comes along.

Color Antique Violin
Body Curly Maple
Neck 3-ply Mahogany/Maple/Mahongany
Fretboard Ebony
Pickup Super 58
Feature Tri-sound switch
Serial H008882
Weight 4.2kg (7.5kg with case) (9.3lbs)
Price $ 1,421
  • 2838 collectors have wathced this guitar since 08 Oct 2013.
  • This guitar has been sold to Australia  on 11 Oct 2013
Ibanez AS-200
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-body_front
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-body_rear
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-bottom
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-fretboard
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-guitar_front
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-guitar_rear
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-hardware
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-headstock_front
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-headstock_rear
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-knobs
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-label
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-neck_left
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-neck_rear
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-neck_right
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-pinUp
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-side_left
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-side_right
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-top
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-verticalShot
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-~case_closed
Ibanez AS-200 Ibanez-AS-200-~case_open