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Yamaha logo1991 Yamaha AE-1500
A Hidden Treasure From Tokyo
You are now watching one of the top-ranged Yamaha full hollow guitars. Manufactured in 1991 according to the serial number, this vintage AE1500 was priced JPY 150,000, which was the 3rd highest following AE2000 and AE18 amongst Yamaha's full hollow line-ups.

20 years of age indicates the rusty part of the tail piece but apart from that, the general condition of the guitar is excellent. The tuners on the head stock, the pick-up hardwares, bridge, volume/tone knobs are as shiny as the brand new ones. Spruce body + Maple neck + Ebony finger board followed the trend observed in the high end models. They are maintained with great care taken, resulting in the minimized scratches.

Another surprising feature of this guitar is the push-push switches both at the front / rear tone knob. By toggling the knobs the humbucker pick-ups play the single coil sound, which implies you have 4 different combinations of sounds you may play with.

The only downside is the weak output of the sound. The original pick-up in the rear end was AlnicoV but due to the damaged coil I replaced it with the brand new Seymour duncan Alnico II pro-humbucker (cost about USD 130) but the output in the humbucker mode is not as strong as in the single coil mode (with the tone knob pushed). Of course it does NOT mean you woudln't hear any sound. I recorded a sample sound in the link below and leave to you judging the quality of the sound. If you are not happy with the sound you may let the local luthier have a look into the wires between the pick-ups and the knobs.

Original hard case is to be shipped together. Also coming along is the original Alnico V pick-up (which was replaced with Seymour Duncan Alnico II). Sorry but no pick guard attached.

Body (top) Arched Solid Spruce +
(back&rim) Beech
Neck Maple
Fretboard Striped Ebony
Pickups "SAH-AEI" (AlnicoV) +
Seymour Duncan's Alnico II
Price $ 1,690
Sample Tunemusic icon
  • 4287 collectors have wathced this guitar.
  • This guitar has been sold to Australia  on 03 Sep 2012

Yamaha AE-1500
Yamaha AE-1500 pinUp
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