Sharpened Flat logo 2016
Sharpened Flat is a Tokyo-based vintage guitar trader, specializing in Japanese made hollow body jazz guitars, including Aria, Burny, Crews Maniac Sound, Edwards, Greco, Ibanez, Navigator, Orville, Seventy Seven, Tokai, Yamaha and so forth. With the platform powered by Newlede™, a multinational consultancy, Sharpened Flat is regularly posting the new arrivals to showcase the rarely found Japanese-made hollow bodies. The guitar inventories are professionally managed by database and the formatted display helps you easily catch the features and specification with the magnified photos taken from the different angles. By simply clicking the listed item you will be loaded with abundant info about the selected guitar. No other guitar trading sites have ever delivered the services as advanced as Sharpened Flat.

Being an enthusiastic jazz guitar collector and also a passionate jazz guitar student at Root's Jazz Academy in Tokyo (, I was lucky enough to play the variety of the jazz guitars, from US-made Gibson to the hidden champions of Japanese hollow bodies. Starting from Yamaha SA-1000, the famous burgandy semi hollow, I've built my substantial collection of the guitars up to the point where I realized these treasures were too shiny and valuable to just stay still in the corner of my room. It was then that I and Newlede™ sat down together to actualize the idea on an online marketplace also a mini encyclopedia of Japan vintage guitars.

225 Guitars sold to 30 Countries
As of Jan 2018