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Sharpened Flat is a Tokyo-based vintage guitar trader, specializing in Japanese made hollow body jazz guitars including Aria Pro II, Burny by Fernandes, Edwards by ESP, Greco, Ibanez, Navigator by ESP, Orville by Gibson, Seventy Seven, Tokai, Yamaha and more. Founded in 2011 by posting a used gutiar of Yamaha SA-1000, Sharpened Flat has been redefining Japan used guitar marketplace and introducing more than 200 guitars over 30 countries. On regular basis Sharpened Flat is updating the collection of Japan-made hollow bodies and notifying the collectors / vintage lovers via email and the social network services.

Quick story about the founder Kevin - being an enthusiastic jazz guitar collector and also a passionate jazz guitar student at Root's Jazz Academy in Tokyo (, he was lucky enough to play the variety of the jazz guitars, from US-made Gibson to the hidden champions of Japanese hollow bodies. Over the years he has built a substantial collection of the guitars up to the point where he realized these treasures were too shiny and valuable to just stay still in the corner of the room. So in 2011, he sat down together with a group of e-commerce platform management consultant, software developer and graphic designer to actualize the idea on an online marketplace also a mini encyclopedia of Japan vintage guitars... and the rest is history.

234 Guitars sold to 31 Countries
as of 23 Apr 2018

USA 69
Australia 42
United Kingdom 32
Canada 9
Korea 8
Japan 8
France 7
Sweden 6
Singapore 6
Thailand 5
Germany 5
Russia 4
Spain 3
Norway 3
Italy 3
Portugal 3
Switzerland 3
Austria 2
Poland 2
Brazil 2
Denmark 2
Greece 1
Chile 1
Finland 1
Netherlands 1
Iceland 1
Hungary 1
Argentina 1
New Zealand 1
Israel 1

Terms And Conditions


Unless specified, all the guitars in Vintage page are made in Japan.


90 days warranty is provided for BRAND NEW products, including Ministar guitars, Pitchstone prodcuts and Washburn guitars. Durign the warranty period, return shipment fee is to be paid by us. The warranty starts from the date when the product is shipped out of our warehouse. The vintage guitars are sold as is, in other words any defect, dent or wear on the guitar is agreed as the current condition of the guitar. If damage is done during shipping, Sharpened Flat compensates the fee for repair.