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  •  SOLD  2020 Archtop Tribute AT101
    Handcrafted by Westville Guitars in Shibuya
Tokyo Shibuya-based Walkin music has been one of the oldest and biggest guitar retailers in Japan. Their long history of dealing with the hidden gems of local guitar builders led Walkin to producing their own brand Archtop Tribute. Their guitars are all made in Japan and for the namesake, they make hollow bodies only.

Their full hollow body model AT101 follows strictly the orthodox craftsmanship of jazz guitar, for example 16 inch body and medium neck profile. She was born to be playing jazz, hence 1 x humbucker should be more than enough.

So what distinguishes this guitar from the ordinary hollow body then? The guitar is proud of its unique construction of body consisting of maple / spruce / spruce / maple plies, which produces clear acoustic sound. Also note, she is just one year old, still fresh and mint, showing virtually no cracks dents dings or whatsoever.

The only less perfect area that I want to point out is the guitar case. It is not the genuine one, and its hinges are half broken, however there should be no issue for carrying the guitar. Lastly, you may want to check out how this young but graceful beauty plays and sounds. Please check out a sample Youtube clip if you are keen to know.