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  •  SOLD  1970-79 Aria Pro II Double Neck SG
    Double Neck Double Impact
Collectors, Vintage seekers, up for sale is Aria Pro II double neck, often said a lawsuit copy of Gibson EDS-1275.
Unfortunately I have little information about this guitar. She doesn't have any ID inscribed, but judging from the info on Aria Pro II forums, the guitar was most likely mid 70's model. A decade later, Aria introduced another model of double neck, named ST (Super Twin) but it features different design and wood, for your reference.

Speaking of the condition, I am unable to find any visible scratches, cracks or dents out of this silky metallic pink instrument. Necks are straight and actions are low. The only concern? You need to have a strong shoulder to hold 5.4kg necks! For the rest, detailed photos follow so I leave to you judgment. The original hardshell case comes along to the new owner.