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  •  SOLD  1994-95 Aria Pro II FA-03
    Rare Piece - Aria Pro II Custom Shop
You are watching one of the finest Japan vintage. This rare piece showed her presence only once in 1993 Aria Pro II catalog. Crafted as custom model, very small number of production has been done and the last time I encountered FA-03 was 3 years ago.

Speaking of the maintenance, the guitar is in absolute beauty, staying spotless in museum quality for the last 20 years. According to the catalog, FA-03 had another version of Spruce top with singe control knob, i.e. volume only, whereas this guitar has quilted maple on top/side/back and 2 controls.

To the lucky owner I ship the original hardshell case. Also note the guitar was of course made in Japan, confirmed by dialing Aria guitar HQs in Nagoya.