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  •  SOLD  2007 Aria Pro II PE-1000GC
    All in one amazing solid body
'Aria Prio II Super Grade Series' re-issue model, truly unique. You wouldn't find any guitar with this overwhelming features. Originally introduced in 1981-82, spending dormant period for 30 years, and Aria proudly revived with original prototype.

And I can surely tell you would never have seen multi knobs and switches like this (circuit designed by Gerry Cott). To me it looks like Aria put all of their patent knowledge about coil tab, booster, phase and rotary tone selectors into practice on this guitar. You will never be bored in playing all different combination of the switches and selectors.

Here's the comment from Gerry Cott, who design the circuit - 'The basic concept was that PE-1000GC should be extremely versatile soundwise, sturdy and good looker, which I reckon it's achieved. Don^t be overawed by the vairous switches, they're positioned with a lot of thought and allow for quick adjustment without altering the right hand playing position.'

All the parts including the case are original. This is nothing but brand new. Note the retail price of this beast is JPY 254,000. This is the very rare chance of extreme bargain!

More details on each of the switches (number matches the pic on the right hand)

  1. three position Pickup selector

  2. master volume

  3. master tone

  4. booster switch (powered by 9V battery)

  5. booster treble control

  6. coiltap switch (switching front and rear humbucking at once)

  7. phase reversal switch (switching the phase of front and rear pickup. Down - in phase, Up - out of phase)

  8. six position tone selector (somthign similar to Gibson 345 tonality palette switch. Switching from low cut to high cut)