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  •  SOLD  1981 Aria Pro II PE-175
    Herb Ellis model
A rare piece of early 80's Aria Pro II full hollow body, endorsed by Herb Ellis (his name imprinted on 19th fret). Citing from then catalog, 'No matter what kind of music you play the Pro II Herb Ellis model is truly outstanding in quality, performance, design and tone.' So Aria has become the first guitar builder to earn the permission to bear his name.

4 months ago I introduced another PE-175 Herb Ellis from the same Aria Pro II brand. It was a 1985 model featuring Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard, which contrasts this 1981 model having Mahogany neck and Ebony fretboard. I love the maple + ebony + mahogany combination and you must have the same preference?

The condition of this beauty is excellent. Body, frets and neck stay intact, play and sound warm and mature. Would be perfect if the previous owner didn't move the strap pin on the back. For the interested buyer, I will ship the guitar along with a hardshell case.