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  •  SOLD  1982 Aria Pro II SB-1000
    What only Aria can do
Very excited to introduce 'transmit neck' bass from Aria Pro II, SB-1000. SB must refer to Super Balance. In their 1982 catalog, Aria Pro II prided themselves of distinguishable features of SB series, one of which was Super Balance. The body of bass was carved in slope toward the head, resulting in giving much comfortability to the player.

Transmit Neck is another remarkable feature. Hardly seen in any other models, Aria Pro II applied brave idea of through-neck all the way down to the body bottom. This obviously give advantage in terms of neck curvature, sustainable resonance, also adding heavy and tight tonality to sound. It also brought about another aesthetic design excellency of heel-less asymmetric cutaway. Photos attached for your better understanding of all these features.

You may also notice rotary switch and a lamp around it. Yes as you may guess out this amazing bass features active / passive circuit switch as they called 'BB Circuit.' Unfortunately, the battery connectors on the circuit touched liquid years ago and it does not work. The ordinary passive circuit without battery obviously works fine and I took a quick sample recording as evidence. For a concerned buyer I put reasonable discount.

Lastly, I am sorry you may find me in the vdeo playing a horrible working bass. My excuse - it was Bb minor. Why vocalist sings Lullaby of Birdland in that key!