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  •  SOLD  1980 Aria Pro II SH-800
    Matsumoku + Hayashi collcaboration
Sleek and shine, an impressively designed SH-800 is one of the monumental pieces at Japan Vintages's gold era. The guitar was built by the collaboration of the legendary guitar manufacturer Matsumoku + top luthier Nobuaki Hayashi. Here citing from Wikipedia - Design engineer Nobuaki Hayashi became part of Matsumoku's engineering team in the mid-1970s. Hayashi's pseudonym, 'H. Noble', thus appeared on the rear headstock of this guitar.

Speaking of the features, slightly smaller body than Gibson 335 with semi hollow + semi solid design. F holes are carved from chamber-structured top and back. Sounds acoustic mellow + sharp solid. Different from SH-1000 which features active circuit, SH-800 has passive circuit, resulting in midrange boost and punchier sound.

This amazingly graceful instrument is in supreme quality, very well maintained for around 40 years. No fret buzz, no action / intonation issue, neck straight. Please feel free to ask any doubt and I have no hesitation to prove its pristine beauty.