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  •  SOLD  1960's Aria 1362G
    Very first generation of Aria
You are watching a true Japan vintage of Aria 1362G. I am seeing quite a few Aria (Diamond) HF 1362G sunburst but this guitar, seemingly having the same prototype, is obviously different in that Gibson's ES emblem is printed on the headstock and pickup cover has no additional frills of split lines, and T-shaped zigzag tailpiece is featured. Also noticeable on this guitar is an arched thick and sturdy soundpost standing under the bridge. Photo taken on this below.

Unfortunately not much info found on the web as well as Tokyo offline market, I dialed Aria HQ in Nagoya but in vain, being only told the guitar must be late 1960's during the era of Matsumoku production. If you are a seasoned luthier enough to identify the timbers used for this guitar, I appreciate your shedding light.

Condition of this guitar is superb, all parts original except the string and GigBag's leather softcase. She plays and sounds full, lush and rich. A reasonable alternative for ES-175, should I say?