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  •  SOLD  2009 Burny RSA-65
    Fernandes' Hollow Body Ambition
Here listed proudly is RSA 65, a beautifully crafted semi hollow with mint condition. Year 2009 model and hardly played, thus obviously no scratches, no dents. And you would be very tempted to own this guitar when you hear the extraordinary tone resonating from Burny's famous VH series pickups. With the lifetime effort put in the R&D by the world class Burny luthiers, this guitar would never fail in mesmerizing you.

(added on 25 Sep 12) Furhter on the sound, RSA65 makes light tone resonated from the maple body + maple neck combination. The pickup, FVH-2002, a Fernandes' in-house made, also generates bright color. Some Japanese blogger says RSA65 sounds similar to Telecaster. In Japanese market, RSA65's main competitors are Ibanez AS93 and Tokai ES60, while Edwards E-SA-125 and Tokai ES135 are one upper class.

Complements on the fingerboard are also found in the blogging sites. One claims figners get less tired for long hours of play, when compared to Epiphone. In general, RSA65 is one of the best 335 copies in affordable price range.