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  •  SOLD  2011 Edwards E-FA-200MA
    ESP-made sensational full hollow
As a huge fan of Edwards' semi hollow E-SA series, I am equally enthusiastic to introduce their full hollow body E-FA-200MA. Under the supreme craftsmanship of the parent brand ESP, Edwards All Lacquer Series 16 inch full hollow E-FA-200MA features solid hard maple carved on its top & back, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. which is the idealist match for a top-notched jazz guitar. Seymour Duncan SH pickups produce mellow and smooth sound with fat clean tone.

The guitar is 2011 made and it still stays near mint. Other than the thin wear around the body rim, which is photo-taken below, and the non-genuine hard shell case, it is as good as a brand new. One line for this guitar - what a lovely and chic instrument!