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  •  SOLD  2013 Edwards E-LP-125ALS
    Brand new - under 1year warranty
Introducing a fabulous Les Paul guitar. 2013 made, still under 1 year warranty (ends in 2014 May.) She was played only once, then slept in the closet, waiting for the new owner to set her free.

This guitar will excite vintage Les Paul seekers. Often described as PAF clone, Seth Lover pickups play fat and rich sound, nicely fitting in blues / hardrock. Condition-wise, it is hardly touched, all original including the case.

Shiny gloss Lacquer finish on Matchbook flame maple with Honey Sunburst. high-end assembly is another key feature - Long tenon, CTS control pots, PIO(Paper-In-Oil) capacitors and Switchcraft output jack. In summary, decently built E-LP-125ALS is a reasonable alternative of Les Paul and I have no hesitation in giving A+ to ESP Edwards' take on LP.