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  •  SOLD  2007 Edwards E-SA-125LTC
    Wide acclaim from 335 critiques
Edwards might be less known to the other countries than Japan, due to ESP's nation-only distribution. Sharing the same design philosophy with the parent ESP production but the different tonewood applied, Edwards attracts the jazz guitar lovers with semi-hollow models which the ESP portfolio lacks.

As a recent manufacture of 2007, which can be idenditifed by the serial number (EDO07xxxxxxx), this guitar stays in near-perfect condition and I had real difficulty in finding out any scratch or dint. Apart from the very minor rust on the hardware, this is as good as the one you would see at the display of the guitar shop. Not to mention of course, neck and intonation holds alsolutely straight. Nickel strings are put for my preference in delicate sound, but you might as well consider string a flat-wound to produce warm and mellow tone.