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  •  SOLD  2006 Edwards E-SA-135LTS
    Beauty of Lacquer Taste
Offered here is ESP Edwards E-SA-135LTS Sunburst semi hollow body. Hardly touched since purchase, this guitar stays with excellent maintenance done and the same applies to the original hard case as well. An ideal mix of long tenon mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, solid carved maple top, Seymour Duncan pickups suit best the jazz / rock / crossover players. As you see from the photos, the only glitches you may find are the chips off the knobs.

For those who are less familiar with Edwards brand, it is an ESP's nation-only distributed brand (note: ESP, originally a Japanese company and now having HQs in the US, probably wanted to have a purely Japan-focused separate brand), shares the same DNA with the parent ESP production but the different tonewood applied. It attracts the jazz guitar lovers with semi-hollow models which the ESP portfolio lacks.

Another tip - guitar model name E-SA-135LTS reflects its price JPY 135,000 yen when it was marketed in 2006. Along the currency change, the same model is now renamed as E-SA-180LTS.