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  •  SOLD  2005 Edwards E-SA-138LTC
Purple, red, brown, sunburst have been comfortable names for my jazz guitar collections. The more vivid the color was, the more fascinated I was indeed. And this firm belief was instantly broken when I encountered the hidden treasure of Edwards semi-hollow black, an ESP brand. Beautifully finished with lacquer, and ideally mixed with golden touch, the E-SA-138LTC brightly shines out of the black.

Edwards might be less known to the other countries than Japan, due to ESP's nation-only distribution. Sharing the same design philosophy with the parent ESP production but the different tonewood applied, Edwards attracts the jazz guitar lovers with semi-hollow models which the ESP portfolio lacks.

With regard to condition of the guitar I have nothing much to say, as it is near perfection. Having tried hard to find any scratch or dint but I failed. Volumes, tones, 3 way toggle switches, 2 x Seymour Duncan pickups can't work any better. I was too excited to play this toy so I strung the new sets of D'ardario 0.11 flat wound 2. Here are the rest of details.