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  •  SOLD  1987-1998 Epiphone Casino
    A Prototype During Terada Era
Showcasing here is an 1980-1990 model MIJ (Made-In-Japan) Epiphone Casino in mint condition. Different from the ordinary MIJ Epiphone that has either orange, blue or other colored label with 5 digit serial numbers, this guitar does not have a label affixed on f-hole. 2 more distinguishable points are MADE IN JAPAN printed on the rear headstock and tuners are more of Wilkinson type than Grover.

According to the previous owner, he acquired the guitar in 1991. Judging from the date and the features of the guitar, it matches Terada-made orange label which was manufactured only between 1987 and 1998 in Japan. I strongly suspect this guitar was a prototype or custom designed Casino.

Speaking of the condition, the guitar is still in excellent shape, all parts functioning ok, frets redressed once and no buzz heard at all over any fret. Action is properly set and I feel very comfortable for playing the guitar. The only noticeable issue is the strap pin on the bottom was slightly moved from its tailpiece end position.

This light-weighted, lovely and mint axe is shipping worldwide to the lucky owner with a gigbag.