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  •  SOLD  1996 Epiphone Casino
    Played on Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart
On sale is a cherry 1996 Japan-made Casino. Japanese Casino has a few unique aspects: the neck joins the body at the 17th fret, not the 16th of other models. This enables you to play higher position frets with less stress. Also the serials numbers are 5 digits in which the 1st indicates the year of 198x or 199x, 2nd telling the model (2:EMPEROR, 3:RIVIERA, 4:SHERATON, 5:CASINO) and the rests being the production number of that year.

Casino it is often compared to its parent model Gibson ES-330 in that they have the same full hollow thinline body, two P-90 pickups and trapezoid tailpiece. These full hollow body models are easily distinguishable from the others as it gives players a clear, ringing tone that could be pushed into overdrive when needed and it also makes the sound lighter and louder when played without an amplifier.

The guitar turns to 20 years old this year with little damage done. Bigsby was once in place and left 2 holes near the tailpiece. The are covered up by a luthier's repaint. Also photoed for your attention was damaged nut on the 6st string but it doesn't affect playability at all. I recorded a sample tune from my live so have a listen. I presume you already own a semi hollow. Epiphone Casino adds different flavor and enhanced resonance from its full hollow body. Definitely worth having one!