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  •  SOLD  1996 Epiphone Casino
    Terada-made rare 6 digit serial
Glad to showcase a Terada-made Japan Casino, dated to 1996. Out of the Japan-crafted Casino guitars, whether they be Shimokura, Matsumoku, or Terada, this guitar stands out as it has 6 digit serial numbers, not 5 digits. In fact myths are still being bust by Japan Casino mania, and their finding so far is when the serial numbers start with 65xxx, 67xxx, or 67xxxx they are made by Terada Gakki(namely Music in Japanese), where 5 digits of 65xxx or 67xxx dates to 1986 and 67xxxx to 1996.

Another interesting fact is the manufactural superiority of Terada, compared to Matsumoku, the earlier maker of Japan Casino. It is often debated that the production from Matsumoku is less consistent, resulting in different shapes and structure over the years, whereas Terada, from its inception, maintained unfaltering supreme quality. To me, this reads as if the competition of 99.9% vs 99.99%. Well this is what Japanese is known for as far as manufacturing is concerned.

When it comes to this particular guitar on display, excellent maintenance done. Apart from decolorization of binding and rust on hardware, both at minor level, there is no other part to be commented for dings, dents, chips or whatsover. Furthermore, new frets are put on, and nuts + bridges get adjusted to level the height of new frets. Also as a bonus, the original Epiphone hardshell case is shipping along. Can't be better!