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  •  SOLD  2000 Epiphone ES-335
    Cloning the Gibson Gene
Put up here is Epiphone Japan ES-335 dating 2000, made by Terada Gakki (Gakki meaning Music in Japanese). With great care and excellent maintenance done, we are witnessing another brilliant piece of Japan vintage guitar.

Having quick research on Epiphone ES-335, you would want to question on why Japan-made ES-335 is more than double the price than non-Japanese ES-335. Here goes an interesting story – in 1980’s, Terada and Gibson launched a joint project labeled as Orville to appeal the Japan domestic market at affordable price. The half successful project didn’t last till the new millennium, by which time the break-up of the project let Terada take over Epiphone Japan production. The very guitar you are watching here is a good example of the ideal marriage of Terada quality and Gibson knowhow, including the meticulous sourcing of the best timbers from Maple + Mahogany + Rosewood, and long neck tenon.

Back to the guitar condition, no visible crack, dent, or chips found, so cosmetic-wide she is in phenomenal status. Speaking of the playability, I hear fret buzz on 9 to 11 fret of 6th string but I would rather not touch the low action of bridge height because buzz is not heard when playing via amplifier. Please feel free to ask for any further photo / video or audio to testify.