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  • 1990 Epiphone Emperor
    Emperor rules the jazz world
Japan-made 1990 Epiphone Emperor in excellent shape. The orange label indicates the guitar is made by Terada Gakki(Music in Japanese), one of the prominent guitar manufacturers, rivaled with Fujigen. The serial number 09064 can be translated into the first digit 0 being 1990-made and second digit 9 referring to Emperor. Some of the Japanese blogs argue the second digit 2 to be Emperor whereas 9 should be Emperor-J, but I have seen many Emperor and Emperor-J guitars mixing the second digit of 2 and 9. Also interestingly, I have seen a few variations: firstly tailpiece featuring frequensator or classical metal decoration, secondly abalone inlay or plain one, and lastly the single pickup vs dual pickups and the respective number of 2 or 4 knobs.

If you are jazz guitar player, you would prefer 2 knobs version of this guitar as I believe you would find the simple and minimalized design more aesthetic and thus more attractive. That said, 17 inch L-5 grade full hollow jazz box will be the right choice for your jazz guitar collection if you are generous enough with the repaired pickguard, as photo-taken.