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  •  SOLD  1995-1996 Fender JM66-80
    Fender Jazzmaster Crafted in Japan
Showcasing here is a Tobacco Sunburst Jazzmaster JM66-80 from Fender Japan, during the era of Crafted In Japan, specifically from 1995 to 1996 based on the 1st letter of serial number N084544. Namesake, she plays mellow and jazzy tone. Introduced firstly in the late 1950, the guitar was designed to oust Stratocaster out of Fender's flagship product by her new shape and features which offer better balance and comfort. Thus Jazzmaster was born with excellent build and superior sound, playing mellower than the Stratocaster/Telecaster, or another way to put, sounding more like a hollow body guitar. In detail, the single coils of Jazzmaster are wider and flatter than the Stratocaster, resulting in picking up the wider area of string vibration and sounding less pointy.

In terms of guitar condition, no major crack, dent, ding or oxidation found, yet I have to mention the bridge was replaced and tremolo bar is missing. A quick research on the web indicates brand new tremolo can be bought at less than 2 dollars. Note also please, a Fender emblem fixated on the body stands the guitar out! So if you want to be the next owner of this sleek and sexy gear, I ship along the sturdy hardcase which will make you look professional when carrying it around.