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  •  SOLD  1999-2002 Fender Jazzmaster
    Find build crafted in Japan
Up for auction is Crafted-In-Japan Fender Jazzmaster with serial number starting P, indicating 1999-2002 made. As the photo explains she is in very fine condition, without any major cracks, dings, chips, lacquer wear, play wear or whatsoever, except one noticeable dent on the left bottom body, for which the magnified photo was also taken. There is no tremolo arm, sorry the previous owner lost it.

Speaking little bit of Jazzmaster, this amazing model was introduced in the late 1950 and designed to replace the Stratocaster as the top model by its new shape and features to provide a better balance and comfort. The Jazzmaster is a fine example of a well built and excellent sounding instrument with a mellower sound than the Stratocaster or the Telecaster, rather like a hollow body guitar. Unlike the single coils of the Stratocaster, the single coils of the Jazzmaster are wide and rather flat, covered in a white rectangular housing. So they pick up a wider area of the vibrating strings and thus their sound is less “pointy'.

Also a quick comment on Fender Japan VS Fender USA, pickups are commonly told for difference, but I am sensing attention to detail was paid meticulously to Fender Japan, just as it was to any of made-in-japan products. That sense, I would agree so, if someone argues Fender Japan quality is superior to its parent model from USA.