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  •  SOLD  2013 Fender PB57
    Precisely Thunderous Aggression
Up for sale is Fender Japan Precision Bass 57, dating 2013 made by Kanda Shokai aka Daina Gakki. In recent days, the pricy Fender guitars and basses are manufactured in the countries of low cost labors but US and Japan are the exception where still a huge fan basis demands in-country-made high quality instruments. The serial number JD, used since 2012, indicates thus perhaps Japan Domestic.

PB57 inherits the same gene of Leo Fender’s original idea in 1950’s. Light weighted but high powered, resonated by the original pickups, the instrument delivers thunderous low-end and clear high-end. She can be played over rock, blues, jazz or any genre.

Structure-wise, she has modern “C”-shaped neck, distinct in their feel. A quick comparison between the Precision Bass and (Fender’s) Jazz Bass: PB neck is meatier at the nut (roughly 43mm) and maintains a pretty consistent thickness along its length whereas JB has tapered nut (39mm). Lastly, speaking of the maintenance, I have little to comment. All parts functioning excellent. No visible cracks or chips. “What a fascinating bass” is all I can say!