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  •  SOLD  1993-1994 Fender PB62-77
    Fujigen-made Fretless Bass
Showcased is Fender Japan Jazz Bass Fretless, JB62-77FL in pristine condition with little sign of aging over 30 years. Decoding the serial number starting with N of Made In Japan period dates 1993-1994, manufactured by Fender Japan, a joint venture set up early in 80’s by Fender and Fujigen. A serious follower of Japan vintage guitars must have heard the legendary maker Fujigen, along with Terada and Matsumoku. The greatest Japan brands of Greco, Tokai and Ibanez were made by them as you may be aware.

As described above, the instrument stayed intact with minimal scratches and oxidation. The original receipt of purchase comes along, so does the pickguard for those who want embellish the already beautiful body of brown sunburst. For your info, the model name JB62 refers to Jazz Bass benchmarked from Fender’s 1962 JB lineup. And please note, this model features made-in-USA pickups (J-Bass Vintage).