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  •  SOLD  1993-1994 Fender ST57G-65
    Nostalgic Gold Member
A brilliant Fender Japan-made Stratocaster on sale. Dating in 1993-1994, Fender Japan blended the idea of see-through lacquer on the basswood guitar body, with the gold metal parts, defining the class but at the same time maximizing the beauty of natural timber. This exotic piece was produced with limited volume with customized body. G in the model name ST57G-65 come from the Gold obviously, and rest, 57 being the design referenced from 1957 Fender, and the last bit of 65 indicating the price tag of 65000 yen, sort of medium range of then Fender Japan portfolio.

This shiny and glorious instrument is in the shape of somewhere between Good and Very Good. The gold parts are hardly worn off, considering 30 years passed since the guitar was marketed. The only mark-down parts are the lacquer wear along the body, for example the one in the bottom right hand corner, which seemed to be repainted with the same color of ink. To a generous buyer who still loves this guitar, I will shipped the guitar in the original vintage gig bag.