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  •  SOLD  1999-2002 Fender Stratocaster ST-62
    as good as its American rival
ST-62 is considered a vintage 60 series re-issue style. Vintage frets and pickups, especially the ones for neck and bridge, take you back to Hendrix's era. What CIJ (Crafted In Japan) model added on top was their impeccable quality and consistency in terms of manufacture, which critiques often quote CIJ/MIJ models rival or even excel MIA, not to mention MIM, where A stands for America and M for Mexico.

To speak of timer and its tonality, basswood body, which is comparable to alder used for MIA guitars, differentiates itself with impressive mid to the overall tone while the rosewood fretboard holds long sustain and keeps brightness. When played acoustically it resonates even stronger. The pickups, as above-mentioned, has multiple tonality ranging from clean and sharp to chunky and vintage.

The neck shows a bit of curvature but is still very comfortable to touch along the fretboard. You would argue tremolo is missing but the very affordable price compensates them all. Lastly, the world most reliable Japan Post EMS ships this tantalizing vintage with a sturdy gigbag.