Sharpened Flat logo 2016
  •  SOLD  1995-1996 Fender Telecaster
    Immersed in Torino Red
Firstly, let me express my apology on the incorrect finding of the guitar model. Initially I thought this is TL72 dated around 2010-2011, but later was advised by a keen-eyed Aussie collector that the guitar should be closer to TL43 judging from the logo style, flat top-loading bridge and hammer saddles.

I was almost about to follow his idea till I found TL43 in fact appeared in Fender Japan's 2003 catalog only. However the serial number of this guitar starting with 'U' + 6 digits can either be dated at 1995-1996 or 2010-2011. Looking through 2010-2011 catalog, I was unable to find any telecaster featuring the hammer saddles. Therefore I concluded it must be made at 1995-1996 where the closest match is TL-35, with the color code of TRD, short for Torino ReD.

Overall condition of the guitar is excellent. You would've given A+ for this guitar unless you find the minor lacquer wear near the lower left rim. Also to the curious observers, the letters printed on the guitar body where the bolt neck connects to can be translated as 'STD = Standard' but for the rest of letters such as 'AR' and 'D', I find them harder than deciphering the hieroglyphs. Hope my assumptions are correct.