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  •  SOLD  2011 Fujigen MSA-SP
    Masterfield by Master Craftsmen
A hidden champion of Japan-made hollow body, Fujign (or FGN for its simplified label) Masterfield is up for sale. So what's special about this guitar? Slightly smaller and lighter than 335 hollow bodies, the solid mahogany body nonetheless sounds warm, rich and graceful. The same mahogany is also used for center block, generating excellent resonation with impressive sustain. Hence the guitar should be ideal for jazz / fusion / blues.

In addition to the compact body and scooped mahogany rim/inner block, another remarkable feature of Fujigen Masterfieled, aka MSA, is Circle Fretting System(CFS), in which the frets are rounded, not vertical, so that the angles of each string meeting the fret are assured of 90 degree, resulting in minimizing the loss of tone, not to mention more comfortable fingering and playability. Check out the introductory diagram for further explanation.

The guitar has serial number statting 2011 made, but looks as if it just came out of the factory. This spotless instrument deserves a luxury case, also in very good maintenance. Can't be better!