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  •  SOLD  1975 Greco EG-1000
    The Pinnacle of Greco EG Series
Greco never fails in exciting me. EG-1000 , the top-level of Greco les paul EG series, sets the rest apart by its high quality woods and materials. 3 Piece maple neck, nitrocellulose lacquer finish, and fret edge binding is a common feature seen among the high end guitar, along with Ebony fretboard. No other EG series features single ply carved maple body/back or U-3000 pickups. Lastly, abalone inlays shines beautiful enough to make this guitar stand out.

With regard to dating, this guitar doesn't have serial number printed either on headstock or inside the f-holes, which implies the guitar was manufactured before 1976. Then I looked at the pickup serial number 15923 and got an idea from the second digit 5 that the guitar was manufactured in 1975.

Speaking of the condition, you may see a bit of discoloration, scratches, rusty metal but none of them are remarkable. Enough rooms for adjusting trussrod (if ever needed). Sound check all ok. This guitar will be delivered to you with a gig bag.