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  •  SOLD  1975 Greco EG-1000
    The Pinnacle of Greco EG Series
As the top-of-the-range solid body, Greco EG-1000 sets the rest of EG series apart by its high quality woods and materials - solid carved top, 3 Piece maple neck, nitrocellulose lacquer finish, fret edge binding and Ebony fretboard. Equally temping are U-3000 pickups, shiny abalone inlays and Grover tuners.

With regard to dating, there is no serial number printed anywhere on the guitar, which indicates it was a custom shop. Decoding the pickup serial numbers I figured out the guitar was made in 1975.

Over 40 years, she stays in excellent shape, sounds warm and deep. Just a couple areas from cosmetic perspective, a ding found around the input jack, and oxidation on metal parts, that's pretty much it. Neck is straight and little fret wear, Just lovable to play! A sample music clip recorded below for proof. Lastly, the original box-shaped hardshell case flies along with this legendary vintage.