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  •  SOLD  1977 Greco EG-500
    Audaciously created for lawsuit
A graceful solid body of Greco EG-500 in very fine shape. The serial number indicates it dates in 1977, and any keen Japan vintage seeker would be highly tempted with late 70’s Greco guitars in that the era was referred to as the golden age of Japan guitar makers. With their inception to tapping into the western market in late 60’s, the rising starts of Japanese brands including Ibanez, Yamaha, Tokai and not to mention Greco, mastered the perfect craftsmanship over a decade and here we debate the very ‘lawsuit’ guitars of late 70’s. 1977 Greco EG-500 is not an exception.

The photos self explains how well the maintenance has been done… except the holes on the body top and rim where the pickguard were taken off, and the bottom where the different type of tailpiece was removed. To a generous buyer who still embraces the beauty of this vintage, I will ship the guitar with the original hardshell case.