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  •  SOLD  1973 Greco EG-650
    Very first generation of Greco Les Paul
A graceful vintage of Greco solid body is looking for the new owner. Without the serial number or model name imprinted, I asked a few Greco specialist in Japan and they advised this is EG-650. The year of production is hinted from the serial number 13521 of Maxon pickup, translated into 1973 May 21st.

Some may argue the guitar must be EG-800 but speaking of the main differences, the body of EG-650 is sort of hollow along the path of circuits connecting between knobs and pickups. Photo attached to prove the hollow structure of the body.

Now the history part aside, to describe the condition of guitar, please note the guitar is 45 years old and couldn't avoid natural aging, such as fret wear (half left), oxidation on metal parts (bridge is lacquer-sprayed for touch up), lacquer wears on a few different areas including neck, headstock left top, rear body of lower bout, and the righthand side of cutaway. You may have also noticed that the letters of headstock logo, except the first capital G, have been re-laid.

Sound-wise, buzz is heard on the 1st fret of lower 6th string. The original neck pickup sounded too silent, thus was replaced by a brand new Duncan Distortion Humbucker. Bridge pickup is the authentic U-1000, whose signature chunky sound is impressive. Having said, please review the photos and raise questions if you have any doubt!