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  •  SOLD  1980 Greco EG-800
    Gold Top Limited Edition
This is a short-lived 'Limited Edition', mostly marketed in 1980-1981, around the same time when Greco was promoting the legendary Super Real models. Namesake, Limited Edition models must be customized from the ordinary lineup. Here the gold top solid body also doesn't exist in Greco catalog. Judging from the design, timbers and hardwares though, I suspect it is closest to EG-800. The catalog spec indicates maple 2 piece top, solid mahogany back, mahogany neck, Brazilian rosewood, PU-2 pickups, and mother-of-pearl inlay. There was formally no EG-850 from the catalog, but I saw one from a Japanese website having the same Limited Edition labeled but a sunburst one.

So this magnificently beautiful gold top features the pretty much same as advertised from the catalog. Also noticeable are CP-C oil type capacitor(condenser), GRECO DELUX tuners, and there seems to be no pickguard from the beginning as I don't see any hole screwed on the body top and rim. You may be interested in dowel joint as well, where Greco adopted the same convention of Gibson guitar necks.
The guitar is in great condition, no fret buzz, neck straight, and what is more, a Gibson hardshell case comes along to the next owner of this hidden and mysterious treasure.