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  •  SOLD  1980 Greco EG-900
    Super Real from the Peak Era
Excited to put up a Greco Super Real Les Paul type from the very peak era of Greco craftsmanship in 1980! Still in great shape, fret left around 80% and neck being straight. In examining the bottom of the guitar, a few points get chipped off, thus reveal the solid mahogany timber. Vertically along the rear body you may also see the thin crack, which is hardly visible under the daylight but I do have to mention them as the unfortunate mark-downs.

To the Super Real seekers, 80’s Greco catalogs introduce it as the magic combination of Mahogany neck + (flame) Maple top & Mahogany back. Among their LP line up EG800, EG900, EG1000 and EG1800 were labeled as Super Real and the rest being classified Super Sound then the lower grade of Super Power. So if you are keen to join the league of Super Real owners, I will happily ship the guitar with a leather gigbag.