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  •  SOLD  1987 Greco EG59-65
    Mint Collection LP
Showcasing here is an elegant vintage of Greco EG59-60 CRS(Cherry Red Sunburst). Open-ended ‘O’ in Greco logo indicates it is made by a prominent guitar maker Fujigen. The first digit of serial number 7 also suggests it is manufactured in 1987 during Mint Collection era, whose distinguishable feature is long tenon also known as deep joint of the guitar neck to its body.

To identify the guitar model I have to admit I am 95% certain it is EG59-65 because 1987 Greco catalog has it while the later years of their catalog shows both EG59-60 and EG59-70, where the only difference between them is Screamin II pickups for EG59-60 vs Dry for EG59-70. And if asked how to tell which is which, they look exactly same except the subtle difference of color on the magnet. So how EG59-65 sounds? An expressive Les Paul playing chunky with long sustain would be an answer? She plays all over the genre ranging from rock to jazz and blues.

As for cosmetics, I can count 5 of notable chips – top of the rear headstock, left heel, top left bout, lower left bout, and the bottom between the strap pin and input jack. Neck is straight, truss rod still adjustable, frets left around 70%. Lastly, a genuine hardshell case comes along with this lovely vintage.