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  •  SOLD  1980 Greco EGF-850
    Super Real Flame Maple Top LP
I am thrilled to showcase the legendary Greco Super Real series. This 1980 EGF-850 is thoroughly crafted after 1960 Les Paul, including transformative neck shape with the near-heel being more square formed, in addition to the characterizing features of maple top + fret edge binding and more. Sound-wise, long sustain thanks to the mahogany back is impressive whereas the original PU-2 pickups play clear at the neck pickup while jazzy at the bridge one.

She is in playable condition. Detailed photos taken on the body bottom and rear headstock due to cosmetic concerns. Moderate oxidation on the way, also photoed on tuners. Bridge + tailpiece have been replaced with brand news from Tokyo ESP workshop. In conclusion, if you are a big fan of Super Real, this 1980 solid body from the very peak era of Greco LP lawsuit surely has to be added to your vintage collection.