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  •  SOLD  1995-97 Greco ES-8
    Japan-made ES-140 Equivalent
Collectors, vintage players, here is a rarely found Greco hollow body. Those who are familiar with Gibson ES series, you may notice a carbon-copied similarity between Gibson ES-140T and Greco ES-8. From Greco's own catalogue, ES-8 started selling late 90's, and it changed the name (and raised price in accordance to the number attached to model name) as ES-9.

ES-8 has a small body and 19 frets. Featuring a single pickup named Hot Lick, it sounds sounds bluesy and crunchy. Ideal both for stage gig and practice in studio. And lastly, one thing I am sure, you will hardly see the another appearance of ES-8 on online market for the next a year or two. Very very rare.