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  •  SOLD  1982 Greco FA-700
    Neck-and-neck competition to 175
There is no compromise for Greco's perfectionism on their guitar build. Virtuous craftsmanship leaves this beauty staying still young over 35 years, only with minor scratch and near-zero degree neck curvature.

This guitar was handed over to me without the original pickups so I put Seymour Duncan. Tuners are also replaced with the brand new Wilkinson type.

To speak of cosmetics, tiny chip-offs around headstock and pot labels (tone / vol) gone, but again no compromise on playability. So, you must be interested in hearing how the guitar sounds? Check out the audio clip - live from a bar in Tokyo. Guitar solo starts around 2:50. If you find the sound too light, blame Line6 amp which was the only one available at the bar and I had no choice but to use :) Lastly, a brand new hardshell case comes along with this adorable vintage.