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  •  SOLD  1991 Greco FA-95
    A fine and robust build 175
Showcasing here is a fine and good-build hollow body FA-95, crafted under the label of Clear Sound Project. She plays lovely. Base holds sustain, expresses warm and round tone, and the treble plays mellow but articulate. Good attack across the frets.

Speaking of maintenance, I would say fairly well done. It would have been nicer without a few holes made by replacement of parts. Firstly strap pin moved from rear body to cutaway, Grover tuners sit slightly under where the original ones, and it seems Bigsby was favored by the previous owner and when replaced, it again left punctured hole at the bottom. Lastly, there is 0.5mm chip from rear neck. I attached the photo but it is very minor and doesn't affect playability at all.

I ship the guitar with a sturdy gig bag in a stuffed carton box. A concerned buyer may request hardshell case, which would cost $80 more.