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  •  SOLD  1992 Greco FA-95-NT
    Mint Collection - pure acoustic full hollow
Collectors attention please, this is one of the most scarcely found guitars. I saw FA-95 with two pickups on ebay and the same model with single pickup a couple time on Japan domestic market, but when I came across this non-pickup model I myself doubted this is the same FA-95. I believe this must be a customized model, produced in very small volume. That sense you will be a lucky person to own this beauty.

It obviously plays lovely. Base holds sustain, expresses warm and round tone, and the treble plays mellow but articulate. Good attack across the frets.

Excellent maintenance has been done, and you wouldn't believe this has aged over 20 years. I often saw the binding cracks and chips at the headstock in vintage Greco semi/full hollow bodies, but as their project 'Mint Collection' self explains, this is really a different animal. Also as a bonus, I ship 2 bridges, one with silver and one with wood, both are original. Enjoy the variety of flavor! Lastly, this guitar comes along with extra Martin strings and a gig bag.