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  •  SOLD  1986 Greco FA67-70
    Outperforming 175 Full Hollow
Greco FA67-70 is a thorough copy of Gibson ES-175 model (67 in FA67-70 meaning it is 1967 copy model and 70 stands for the then price, JPY 70000). The key feature of this mature vintage is fast neck with slim profile. Action is low and smooth over immaculate medium jumbo frets. The top and back show fine slab cut figure in the arched maple. Lighweighted, this beauty is balanced in the lap or on the strap. The 24 3/4' scale is fast and nimble, and the 16' body is easy to cradle and substantially resistant to feedback. She defines what the jazz box should be.

To speak of the guitar condition, thin cracks around the rims and toenail-wide dent discovered on the rear neck make me hesitate to give A mark honestly. Chips on the headstock, natural oxidation on the metal parts, and no pickguard are what you may want to check before placing the bid. If you are all ok with those cosmetic issues this guitar will amaze you with fat and sweet sound. A gig bag comes along with this legendary instrument.