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  •  SOLD  1987 Greco FA67-75
    Super Real Full Hollow
Super excited to list up a late 80’s Greco Super Real hollow body! Greco FA67-75 Super Real was marketed for only 1 year in 1987 with its mystified marketing strategy. Its brilliant specs inherited from FA67-70 of Mint Collection till 1986, but somehow Greco decided to label Mint back for its 1989 production of FA67-75. But a keen collector would take note of Super Real series and this guitar indeed deserves the prestige for its impeccable craftsmanship.

So the model FA67-75 indicates that the guitar is designed after 1967 profile of Gibson ES-175 at the price tag of 75000 yen. When it comes to 67 ES-175 profile, it features a smaller ”pencil” neck and medium jumbo frets with nut size reduced to 1 9/16 (=40mm). The advantage of slim profile enables low and smooth action, with box substantially resistant to feedback. The guitar defines an ideal jazz and it does prove from my sample recording of Autumn Leaves.

To a genuine lover of Greco vintages, the guitar flies to your doorstep with a sturdy hardshell case.