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  •  SOLD  1978 Greco GO-1200
    Guitar Revolutoin From Greco
Guitar for the serious guitarists, Go!

A very historic and interesting vintage from Greco solid body, dating 1978. The exotic design reflects the natural path of Greco from a cheap copier from the US guitars to a world class guitar maker with its own identity. From a quick glance, you may instantly catch the influences of Ibanez guitars such as the rubber-worn knobs and upside-down triangle tailpiece. Judging from the commonality, I believe Fujigen was the main subcontractor both of Greco and Ibanez at late 70’s.

The 1978 catalogue of Greco promotes the guitar with 3 special features. Firstly, the neck spans from the top all the way down to the bottom, thus Greco named it as ‘speed way neck’. Secondly, the tuners have holes, through which the strings can be put. Greco applied for patent and a golden tag affixed on the headstock to highlight this event.

The third feature is obviously the geeky knobs, or they call equalizers. A detailed explanation can be found at the photos. You won’t be tired of playing variety of tonalities, ranging from hot rich lead with long sustain to mellow lick and rhythmic cutting, by the multiple different combinations from the knobs and switches.