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  •  SOLD  1988 Greco K-FA
    Kill the Falcon
Hello Greco fans and Gretsch fans, please wipe your eyes before looking at the photos of this guitar. She is yes, the product of secret marriage of Greco + Gretsch. The name of this blessed child is thus Grecotsch!

The Super Real model of Grecotsch is labeled K-FA. Some of the Japanese blogs argue that the K-FA with tremolo is in fact labeled K-FA-ORN. If that is correct, then I have to admit I did attached the Bigsby tremolo. At the last minute however, I stopped drilling the holes onto the body and I will leave this to you, depending on whichever way you want to play. I will ship 2 x nuts for screwing.

All the rest of the parts are original except the top right knob and the golden bridge. Pickguard is missing, sorry. New strings are put on, and I will ship the guitar with a sturdy hardshell case. Thanks for loving Greco and Gretsch!