Sharpened Flat logo 2016
  •  SOLD  1979 Greco L-100S
    Full Hollow Body Carbon Copy of Gibson L5 CES
Gibson L5 CES thorough replica, except logo, with way better cost/quality performance. You can't help being amazed and impressed with this Japanese beauty. Look at the 5 piece maple neck, which can only be seen at the top quality guitars. As for sound, resonating from the full hollow body, the deep and warm tone will play even smoother and mellower when the flat wound string is put on (for example D’Addario 0.11 XL Chromes Jazz Light).

With the sound being near perfect, this guitar also remained for 35 years with exceptional care. A little polishing on the body, neck and hardwares shined all across the torso. Minor cosmetic issues, if I have to point out, are the 1cm thin-lined crack along the body top (shown in the photo below, vertically taken from the neck) and pick guard being taken off. Action and intonation are all good. No buzz frets. Hard case comes along to the lucky buyer.

Lastly, it is highly intriguing to compare Greco L100 with the other followers of L5. I managed to collect the photos of the nearest L5 copies from the other Japanese makers and you may want to compare yourself by looking at the bottom-most photo in this page. 'Aria Pro II L-1000' and 'Blits by Aria Pro II BEC' appears to be pretty close, but Greco outdid Aria's in terms of solid binding and being loyal to original, while Aria's L-1000 has diamond logo on its headstock as a lousy way of getting around the law-suit from Gibson. As for Blitz, it has curved headstock top, not the beard-shape, again implying they were not interested in being taken to court by the incumbent Gibson, believe or not...