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  •  SOLD  1996-97 Greco L-7
    From acoustic to jazz and blues
Up for sale is late 90's Greco acoustic guitar L-7, you may guess where this model is named from. Apparently inspired by Gibson L-7, especially of 1950 vintages, the antique mahogany body instantly catches a collector's eye. According to Greco's 1996 catalog, the guitar was introduced without pickup but attaching a floating pickup is often shown as a quick transformation to electro-acoustic one. Interestingly, Greco also started selling its upscale model L-10 from 1997, here with the pickup attached right under the fretboard.

So how does this beauty play and sound? L-7 has an acoustic gene so you definitely hear calm and mellow tone but it in fact sounds deeper and bluesy. Closing the eyes and strumming the guitar, you may feel as if you are in a 1940 bebop jazz band. There are a few scratches on the rear body and dings near the tuner pegs, thus a discount is applied to this amazingly beautiful and nostalgic vintage.