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  •  SOLD  1990 Greco LAG-100
    An Audacious Challenger to L5 CES
Super excited to list up a rare vintage of Greco LAG-100, a Gibson L5 CES copy. It was almost 10 years ago that I came across Greco L-100, another carbon copy of L5, and this LAG-100 equally thrills me with its masterpiece craftsmanship and exceptionally fine maintenance.

Most likely made by Terada music, the LAG-100 from Clear Sound Project era (late 80's to early 90's) features an open book headstock, block inlays and later version of the Dry pickups. Finished with Urethan, the guitar still shines as if it has hardly been touched for multiple decades. No cracks found all across the body, neck is straight, and a small ding on the left bottom corner of front body would only make you aware that this is not a brand new guitar.

The ideal match of spruce top and maple rim/back, not to mention 3 piece maple neck and ebony will surely delight you when it plays with a warm and deep resonance. For a curious Greco vintage learner, the last 80's Greco L5 copy made a debut with LAG-1000 then evolves to LAG-100, finally then to LAG-120 till it stops producing, maybe because of another lawsuit pressure from Gibson...