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  •  SOLD  1988 Greco LS-120
    Inspried by Gibson L-5S
This lawsuit model of Greco LS-120CRS(Cherry Red Sunburst) is a carbon copy of Gibson L-5S, the solid body child of L-5CES family. Only small number of units manufactured in Japan on this model, thus very rare. Design-wise LS-120 also stands out of the other Greco solid bodies. 5 pieces of maple and walnut neck, sleek contour of body line along with pristine beige binding, and Dry pickups distinguish herself from Greco's other EG(or EGF) les paul series. L-5S itself inherits L-5 acoustic gene, and Greco in its production must have thoroughly applied the same philosophy. Note, Greco marketed this model only for 3 years from 1988. The guitar also was renamed as LSG-1200 from 1989.

So this fascinating guitar has museum quality, in super excellent condition. Photos explain its magnificent beauty but please request if there is any area you want to have a magnified look. For maximum care to be taken in shipping abroad, Gator's hard case holds tight this priceless treasure.